What are the best colors to advise your clients to sell a house?

What are the best

According to one home painting company, painting the interior of your home yields a 55% ROI in terms of value increase. This means that if you’re advising your clients on how to prepare to sell their home, you most definitely want to consider advising them to give it a fresh coat of paint before putting it on the market.


Two-toned olive paint can give a home’s interior a sophisticated look. The two colors can complement each other and create an elegant effect. The darker color can also make the house look more stately and regal. In addition, two-toned olive paint can be used to highlight architectural features or to downplay problem areas.


Beige and gray paint is a mixture that looks good on the interior of a home for a number of reasons. First, these colors tend to be very neutral, making them a good choice for homes in general. Additionally, beige and gray paint can help to hide dirt and stains, making it easier to keep the inside of the home looking clean. This can be a selling point when you speak to potential buyers. Is painting your house even necessary? Before thinking about the best colors to paint a house or browsing through some of the best house paint color boards on Pinterest, it pays to calculate the current value the home. They might be surprised to find that their home’s current value is fine as is and they don’t need to paint it.